mandag 15. august 2011

Training start (autumn semester 2011)

Back from the summer break, we start at the different training places on the following dates:

children GUC: Wednesday / 17. August / 19.00 (to 20.00)
@DansiT, Strandveien 33
adults GUC: Wednesday / 17. August / 20.00 (to 22.00)
@DansiT, Strandveien 33

adults NTNUi: Tuesday / 23. August / 19.00 (to 21.00)
@Dragvoll Idrettsbygg

In August all our trainings are common trainings (advanced and beginners). A special new beginners course will start with the beginning of September.

Welcome back
- and welcome everyone!

(photo by J.L.Scooby-doo)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Should people who've never been to any practice before (new beginners) wait for the special new beginners course or show up on tuesday?

  2. You are welcome to show up.