fredag 2. mai 2014

Capoeira training activity in Trondheim (May and June) & Midsummer Workshop with Prof. Palmeira (20.-22. June)

For May and June the training schedule for GUC Capoeira, NTNUi Capoeira and the GUC children group looks the following:

- Adults and Youth (GUC and NTNUi Capoeira) -
Mondays: kl 20.30-22.00 @DansiT (Strandveien 33)
Wednesdays: kl 19.00-21.00 @DansiT (Strandveien 33)
Fridays: no regular training! Instead: MUSIC evenings after notice.

>> Friday activity and music evenings have no fixed schedule, activity will be announced in training and in our facebook group.


Friday, May 8th - Music at Gregus Gate 14 (kl 18.00) - call Anna or Max for opening the door
Friday, May 16th - no activity/free training *)
Friday, May 23rd - to be discussed
Friday, May 30th - to be discussed
Friday, June 6th - no activity/free training *) - some of us will travel to a Capoeira workshop in Oslo
Friday, June 13th - to be discussed - some of us will travel to the Capoeira workshop with "Mestre João Grande" in Helsinki (FI)
Friday June 20th - Start of weekend Workshop with Prof. Palmeira in TRondheim (DansiT, Strandveien 33)
*) free training for NTNUi members at Kjellersalen at Gløshaugen Idrettsenter (18.30-20.30)

- GUC Children -
Mondays: kl 18.30-19.30 @Lillebyskole (until 12th May)
Wednesdays: kl 19.00-21.00 @ DansiT (from 14th May)

>> On Wednesdays there will be common trainings with the adult group.

Questions regarding the training or our Friday activity, or you would like to try out Capoeira? Contact us via or pick up direct contact with our instructors (click here for telephone number).

- Midsummer Workshop - with Prof. Palmeira
Friday, 20th to Sunday 22nd June
Last activity for this semester before we go into the summer break!

Friday, 20th June 18.oo-21.oo @DansiT
Saturday, 21st June, 11.oo-16.00 @DansiT
Sunday, 22nd June, 12.oo-16.00 @DansiT

Registrations and questions may be send to:


- Pictures from our last event in Trondheim - GUC VÅRRODA 2014 -

- Below: CM Susy, Inst. Aritano, Prof. Boneca, Prof. Dacor and Inst. Danceiro at Vårroda 2014 -