torsdag 2. oktober 2014

Workshop with Mestre Maclau (Fri. 3rd to Sun. 5th October)

Professora Boneca, GUC Trondheim and NTNUi Capoeira Trondheim welcome you to our autumn workshop with Mestre Maclau.

The workshop is open and perfect for both, those that have trained with us in the past (also in the loooong past), and anyone wishing to try Capoeira - but e.g. so long maybe always has been wanting to start tomorrow, or maybe in the next semester? This is your unique opportunity!

PROGRAM (subject to minor changes):

Friday 03/10
- 19.00: Training and roda

Saturday 04/10
- 11.00-12.00: Roda in the city
- 13.00-17.00: Training for begynners and capoeira students
- 20.00 Gathering and party! (Gregus Gate 14 @ Anna's and Max's)

Sunday 05/10
-11.00-16.00: Training for begynners and capoeira students (lunch break included).

COST: 150 NOK (is that a treat, or what?)

LOCATION: Aerobicsalen, Dragvoll Idrettssenter

Link to facebook event (click here) 

Welcome and axé! 


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