onsdag 15. august 2018

Høstsemesteret 2018

Hei, og velkommen til nytt semester!  

Nybegynnere er alltid velkommen på trening! Torsdager legges opp for basistrening med grunnleggende bevegelser, mens de andre treningene tilpasses til nivå for både nybegynnere og videregående.

Første trening er onsdag 22.August

Mandager 2030-2200 - DansiT, Svartlamon
Onsdager 1900-2100 - DansiT, Svartlamon
Torsdager - BASIS 1900-2030 (starting 6.Sep.) - Birralee Gymsal, Kalvskinnet (Byspegata 9)
ca. annenhver Fredag  - RODA/MUSIKK 1730-1900 & social stuff- Svartlamon Barnehage
NB: vi setter opp plan og annonserer hvilke fredager det blir! Følg med på vår facebook-gruppe.

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to trainings again! 

New beginners are always welcome, just show up in trainings! Thursdays are especially for beginners  with basic movements, but all trainings will be adjusted to skill levels. We speak english in trainings for as long as our international students prefer that - Welcome!

First training of the semester is WEDNESDAY August 22nd.

Training times: 
Mondays 2030-2200 - DansiT, Svartlamon (address: Strandveien 33, entrance behind kindergarten)
Wednesdays 1900-2100 - DansiT, Svartlamon
Thursdays - BASIS 1900-2030 - Birralee Gymsal, Kalvskinnet (address: Bispegata 9)
ca. evry other Friday - RODA, MUSIC 1730-1900 & social stuff - Svartlamon Barnehage (address: Strandveien 33, entrance kindergarten) NB: we will announce which fridays we meet up for roda and music practice. Follow our Facebook group for further information!

Upcoming events: 
Summer festival in Bergen August 17-19th 
If you are in town already, and want to get to know the group and a kickstart to capoeira in Norway - and dont mind going to Bergen for a weekend around start of the semester: GUC Summer festival 2018 Facebook-event.

- Picture from the summer event in Bergen - 

Batizado in Trondheim October 26-28th
Yet a great opportunity to get to know the whole group and capoeira environment in Norway, at our most important annual event. GUC Batizado 2018 Trondheim (we will talk about this in trainings)

New beginner training NTNUi (Høst/Autumn 2018)

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- First training of the semester is WEDNESDAY August 22nd -

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed in the 15th century by Brazilian slaves. Capoeira is often referred to as a "fighting dance", since both elements are important parts of Capoeira - fight and dance. The practitioners play together in a "roda", meaning circle in Portuguese. In the roda we challenge each other to a one-on-one game of martial arts, camouflaged as dance, while the others around them build the atmosphere and bring energy to the players in the middle using instruments, clapping and song.

All while training balance, coordination, strength acrobatics, flexibility, music and rhythm. In training you will also use your creativity through interaction and improvisation that happens inside the roda - and later outside the roda when you feel ready.

No matter the age, gender or physical form: Capoeira works for all!

Beginner training for NTNUi is hold in close collaboration with GUC Trondheim. There is no need for earlier experience

New beginner trainings are free if you are a member of NTNUi, the only thing we require is that you pay the annual martial arts insurance of 210 NOK (you'll receive more inforation about that at the training).

Monday 20:30-22:00 
Newbginners and advanced (@DansiT studio)
Wednesday 19:00-21:00
Common training (@DansiT studio)
Thursday 19:00-20:30 (starting 6. Sep)
NTNUi new beginners (@Birralee school gym)

ca. every 2nd - Friday 17:30-20:00
Roda&Music (@Svartlamon barnehage) & even more social stuff after

/// Updates & announcments are communicated at training & through our Facebook group!

DansiT studio: Strandveien 33 (Svartlamon)
Svartlamon barnehage: Strandveien 33 (Svartlamon)
Birralee school: Bispegata 9 (Kalvskinet)

Register through our registration scheme or send an e-mail to guctrondheim@gmail.com

- Picture from the summer event in Bergen 2018 - 

Compilation video from GUC Vårroda (a Capoeira workshop) in Trondheim.
Video from the GUC Vårroda in Trondheim 2014