Welcome to Grupo União na Capoeira Trondheim (GUC Trondheim).

In Trondheim GUC has a tight cooperation with the student group at NTNUI. We offer 3 training days per week, inclduing an open Friday training with RODA at Gløshaugen Idrettssenter.
The group in Trondheim is a sub-group of the global group Grupo União na Capoeira
Within Norway GUC is established in Bergen, Bærum, Horten, Oslo, Trondheim and Ås. The leader of the Norwegian group is Mestre Maclau who lives in Oslo and visits the group in Trondheim on regular basis.

Try out Capoeira for free; just come to a training. Pick up contact in advance, or just show up at one of the trainings. 
Remark: Wednesdays are open to everybody, Tuesdays require NTNUI membership.

Workshops for beginners and advanced
Over a year we have several workshops with Mestre Maclau in Trondheim and other cities in Norway. As workshops are coming up this information will be updated. Also check out GUC's national webpage: www.guc.no

Traning information you will find in our training page!

Membership types
We are organized in 2 clubs/associations, therefore we have 2 types of membership (GUC Trondheim and NTNUI Capoeira). Either one gives you the chance to train twice a week, being part of both clubs gives you the chance to attend a third training every week.

Details for membership GUC Trondheim
The 1st type is the membership of GUC Trondheim with the training days Wednesday and Friday. GUC trainings are open to everybody, young and old, student and non-student!

Trainings at GUC are open for everyone interested in training capoeira. The training fee includes an obligatory martial art fee of 210 NOK per calendar year (NKF).
GUC trainings are held at DansiT, Svartlamon (Strandveien 33) and Gløshaugen Idrettsenter.
Details for membership NTNUI Capoeira
The 2nd type is the membership of NTNUI Capoeira with training days Tuesday and Fridays. NTNUI Capoeira is open only to people holding the NTNUI membership, e.g. students (read about prices and terms).

In addition you need to pay a martial art fee of 210NOK once each calendar year.
Trainings are located at either Dragvoll Idrettsenter or Gløshaugen Idrettsenter.

Contact information
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