onsdag 3. mars 2021

New beginner training NTNUi (SPRING 2021)

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- First training of the semester is MONDAY March 8th -

Trainings have started and are open to new beginners!
NOTE: Pre-registration is required! Max number of participants per training is currently set to 10! Make contact with one of our trainers (Max and Jonas) via phone or e-mail us at guctrondheim@gmail.com!
CORONA: We follow regulations in line with FHI as well as Fagforbundet Norske Dansekunstneres and Norges Kampsportforbund NIF/NKF.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed in the 15th century by Brazilian slaves. Capoeira is often referred to as a "fighting dance", since both elements are important parts of Capoeira - fight and dance. The practitioners play together in a "roda", meaning circle in Portuguese. In the roda we challenge each other to a one-on-one game of martial arts, camouflaged as dance, while the others around them build the atmosphere and bring energy to the players in the middle using instruments, clapping and song.

All while training balance, coordination, strength acrobatics, flexibility, music and rhythm. In training you will also use your creativity through interaction and improvisation that happens inside the roda - and later outside the roda when you feel ready.

No matter the age, gender or physical form: Capoeira works for all!

Beginner training for NTNUi is hold in close collaboration with GUC Trondheim. There is no need for earlier experience.

NEW BEGINNER INTRODUCTION course happens at the start of every semester. It's also possible to start later in the semester. Bring a friend!

Mondays 20:30-22:00 
New beginners and advanced (@DansiT studio)
Wednesdays 19:15-21:15
New beginners and advanced (@DansiT studio)

Regular Friday sessions currently take a CORONA-break. As CORONA restrictions loosen up again, we hope to introduce FRIDAY sessions again. Until then Friday sessions are less frequent, at different locations and announced in training and in our FACEBOOK group!
Friday (ca. every 2nd) 18:00-20:00
Roda & Music (new beginners and advanced) @Svartlamon barnehage, social stuff after, doors are usually open from 17:30

/// Updates & announcements are communicated at training & through our Facebook group - GUC Trondheim Capoeira!

DansiT studio: Strandveien 33 (Svartlamon)
Svartlamon barnehage: Strandveien 33 (Svartlamon)

Register through our registration scheme or send an e-mail to guctrondheim@gmail.com

- Picture from the summer event in Trondheim August 2019 - 

- Picture from the summer event in Bergen August 2018 - 

- Picture from the Batizado in Trondheim October 2018 - 

- Picture from a Friday Roda at Svartlamon kindergarden January 2019 -

Compilation video from GUC Vårroda (a Capoeira workshop) in Trondheim.
Video from the GUC Vårroda in Trondheim 2014