onsdag 20. februar 2013

Latinfestivalen og oppdateringer av treningstider

Latinfestivalen 2013
Thank you 'folkens' for participating in the Latinfestival and the show! A couple of impressions further below.

Last update on Training schedule

Kids (ca. age 9+):
Mondays | 18-19 @Lillebyskole (advanced/blue-white and up)*
Wednesdays | 17-18/1815 @DansiT (beginners and advanced)
*) Information on specific schedule for Monday trainings is send out via e-mail

Kids new beginners are request to send
registration/short notification to guctrondheim@gmail.com.

Adults (GUC) (age 13+):
Mondays | 2030-22 (beginners and advanced) @DansiT
Wednesdays | 18-20 (beginners and advanced) @DansiT
Fridays | 1830-2030 (Roda, beginners and advanced) @Gløshaugen Idrettsbygg

Adults (NTNUi):
Fridays | 1830-2030 (Roda, beginners and advanced) @Gløshaugen Idrettsbygg
Tuesdays | 19-21 (beginners only) @Dragvoll Idrettsbygg (only week 4-7)

- after week 7 (12. Feb.) all NTNUi new beginners are welcome to join the Monday or Wednesday trainings at our main training studio "DansiT" without additional charges!! (Address: Strandveien 33, Trondheim, see adult training schedule above for training times) 

Missed the start of the new beginners course? No problem - join now!
Feel free to send questions and course registrations to guctrondheim@gmail.com.

 Thanks to the photographers Arne Hauge and Emily Rojas!