torsdag 12. september 2013

WORKSHOP with Mestre Maclau in Trondheim (Sat.28.&Sun.29. September)

Mestre Maclau will be visiting Trondheim for holding a workshop with a music class (both instruments and singing) and training. The workshop is for everybody, new beginners and advanced. 

WORKSHOP with Mestre Maclau in Trondheim
Trondheim, 28. + 29. September 2013

Saturday 28th | kl19 - 21+
Music evening @Gregus gate 14 (at Anna's and Max place)
Saturday 28th | after the music to the music... ca. kl21+ > small FOOD & PARTY @same location
>> If you have trouble finding the place, call Anders or Max <<

Sunday 29th | kl12 - 16 Workshop/Training + Roda (kl15-16) @DansiT, Strandveien 33
Costs: 100kr