Join us at NTNUi Kampsportdagen on Friday 25. March from kl 20.00 to 21.00 at Gløshaugen idrettsbygg!

No pre-experience needed. 

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Contact us at or 
call us at +47 4030 5589.


In Trondheim GUC works closely together with the student group in NTNUI. Therefore we have a training program set up with different membership types throughout the training week! 

Adults, Students & Youth: 
Mondays: DansiT (Strandveien 33 [link]), Svartlamon
2030-2200 Beginners & Advanced
Wednesdays: DansiT (Strandveien 33 [link]), Svartlamon
1915-2115 Beginners & Advanced

Regular FRIDAY sessions are taking a CORONA-break... other FRIDAY activity is announced in our FACEBOOK group. 

Fridays - ca. every 2nd : RODA & MUSIC Svartlamon barnehage (Strandveien 33 [link]), Svartlamon
1800-2000 Roda and music for Beginners & Advanced - Updated information is shared during training and in our Facebook group!

Price regular member (GUC Trondheim): 1500 kr each term + membership-fee 300 kr each calendar year

Student Price/NTNUi-member: new beginners trainings & roda days are free, however the martial arts insurance fee of 210 NOK needs to be paid once per calendar year. /// When joining additional trainings outside of NTNUi different conditions apply. Usually a reduced membership fee has to be paid, 800 kr each term, provided paid NKF-fee.

To attend NTNUI trainings, you need to be a member of NTNUI. 
Price information and conditions for NTNUI Membership in Norwegian: price and terms
In addition to the membership, all capoeiristas must have a membership in the martial arts federation, including an insurance (NKF-fee). This fee is 210 NOK per calendar year.

Where is ... ? see this map
DansiT is in the neighborhood of Svartlamon, in Strandveien 33. If you walk along the right side of the building you will find the entrance behind Svartlamon barnehage/the blue kinderdarden, opposite the red doors of Verkstedhallen. We are in the ground floor of the building, in DansiT studio. If the door is locked, go around the building and knock on the window of the dance studio from the back of the building!
Birralee International School is close to Prinsen Kino (cinema) 

In order to register all our members with the martial arts federation, we ask you to submit the   online registration form in this blog, or e-mail us the information required.
For questions, e-mail: 

Get updates on our activities! 
To keep updated on our activities register on our mailinglist. Also visit our facebook group: GUC Trondheim Capoeira.

Additional contact information including phone numbers can be found on the contact tab. Feel free to give us a call in case of questions or requests!

Welcome to the trainings!

/// Trainer group /// Instr. Max, Prof. Anna, Instr. Anders, Instr. Juan, Instr. Jonas ///

/// Trainer group spring 2017 /// Instr. Jonas, Instr. Max, Prof. Anna, Instr. Anders ///